Pre-order (advance) orders under the following terms and conditions.

Images are not usually final and are for your reference only.

Pre-ordering items does not necessarily mean that you will get your items before anyone else; most of the stocks are imported and I don't have the logistics capacity of supermarkets.

Additional items ordered at the same time as the pre-order items will be stored and delivered when the pre-ordered items arrive; If you need them before, request them separately (shipping costs will be charged separately)

Pre-orders are non-refundable without prior agreement, and fees may apply (I am charged for refunds). This does not include damaged items.

Complete Boxes are factory sealed and cannot be returned; if you need them, buy independent set-tested quality sets of 5/6

Hobbyescala is not responsible for manufacturing delays or last minute changes. Some manufacturers (cough, cough, Mattel) are notorious for their delays.

In the unlikely event that hobbyescala is unable to obtain the models we have ordered from the manufacturer, I will issue full refunds.

We always order more stock than we sell in pre-order, so if you prefer, please check back when items are released.

When we receive your items in store, we will send you an email notification, in case you want to order something else to save on shipping or to qualify for free shipping.

We will do our best to keep you informed of where the items are, but you can ask whenever you want.